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The Most Important Question to Ask Before Summer Recruiting

High school athletes may have just shut their last textbook for the year, but there is already pressure to hit the summer recruiting circuit in hopes of getting noticed by college coaches. While summer recruiting is a crucial part of the recruiting process, it remains second to the most important question to ask your child; do you actually want to play in college?

It may seem odd to bring up, but have you asked your child lately if they still want to pursue that dream? Are they still having fun in the sport they dedicate and sacrifice so much time and effort to? Does their idea of a perfect college experience still include sports? Throughout the years, parents and athletes charge down this busy road with the assumption that it is what the other wants. No one wants to disappoint a loved one, but simply asking the question sparks the thought process, opens dialogue, and gets everyone on the same page.

I’ve interacted with hundreds of college athletes who continued their careers while unhappy because they believed it was what their parents wanted for them. As a parent, you want nothing more than the best for your child, no matter the endeavor. By taking the time to ask your student what they think they might want most out of their college years, you are positioning yourself as the most supportive advisor they could have and will be able to help them find the best fit.

If playing in college doesn’t make the cut and they aren’t ready to spend their summer on the turf, well then you can enjoy more of your summer.

However, if sports are still the priority, take the next step and ask how much they want it to be a part of their career. Taking the journey together keeps you both engaged, and you can research the endless information available to determine where their expectations may best align. Thus, creating a smoother and happier foundation for their recruiting process.

As you embark on this recruiting journey together, get ready for an important 100 days!

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