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Athletic Advising

To identify institutions that best fit you, we must first identify schools that match your goals and expectations for college athletics.  Once we know what you are looking for, an individualized recruiting plan will assist you in this process.  Below are some examples  of the advising elements we address:

  • Discuss the athletic goals

  • Analyze the academic transcript 

  • Articulate variables that can assist in understanding a client’s college “fit”

  • Build an educated foundation about the college recruiting process

  • Create effective and meaningful written communication

  • Discuss the admission process as an athlete

  • Prepare for college visits, admission interviews, and conversations with coaches

  • Strategize application deadlines and what will benefit your application

  • Illustrate what a scholarship could look like

  • Advise how to leverage financial aid


Our goal is to make this time as relaxed and seamless as possible so you can navigate this process confidently.

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